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Freedom Spa

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I woke up one morning with this idea for a spa where as soon as you step in the door, somehow you are stripped of your inhibitions. You can't help but live out your guilty pleasures or whatever impulses come to you at a given moment, and at the same time, you are incapable of being offended by the actions of other spa goers. So, while you'll certainly see, and exhibit embarrassing, rude, or even offensive behaviors, nobody is bothered by it. Nobody CAN be bothered by it.

Even for those whose impulses are particularly... questionable, coming here and exposing them in an environment where they can't cause distress can make for amazing therapy. Even after leaving the spa, your memories of the events you witness seem so normal that it tends to leave people more tolerant than when they went in, and often people discover new things about themselves through their experiences in the spa.

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