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Lumi x Ndi

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Lumen "Lumi" Eristormus, the Lugia, and Anthony "Ndi" (pronounced "endy"), the ditto, are very close boyfriends. Literally. They love each other so much that they found a way to be together in a sweet embrace at all times. Instead of wearing clothes, Lumi simply wears his boyfriend around wherever he wants, and Ndi can shape shift to suit whatever situation is necessary. Usually he keeps his face on the inside surface of the clothes, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Not only is it really convenient to have whatever outfit you want whenever you want without changing, it's really romantic to be so close with your boyfriend all the time... and it's really hot to be pressed against him, giving up total control of your body and appearance at all times. And Ndi takes full advantage of that control. He loves to tease Lumi by massaging his cock in public without anyone noticing, sometimes he plugs Lumi pretty deep, and when he can get away with it sometimes he forces Lumi to flash his cock or his entire naked body!

Other times, Ndi might still tease Lumi by making him go out in public wearing a cute Dragonite onesie or just a short skirt. He's a HUGE tease, but Lumi gets a CRAZY rush out of it. As shy as Lumi seems, he really is the perfect match for Ndi.

Ndi decided "Ndi" would be short for "Anthony", and while he prefers the name "Ndi", he'll tolerate being called by his full name. However he gets mad if anyone calls him "Tony".

Lumi on the other hand gets called all manner of playful nicknames by Ndi, ranging from simple corruptions of his name like "Lubey" or "Lummy" to more nonsensical names like "Lightbulb" and "Luigi". Lumi tolerates it all, because Ndi's never going to stop... plus it's all out of love anyway.

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