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Kai's Big Meaty Cock

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"Take the shot, ya coward! We all know the freaks like the femboy cock, but they cream for my big veiny tree trunk cock and hairy wrinkly nuts!"

This is Sunset Studios' resident femboy porn star, Kai. Kai is actually a ditto who had an accident that resulted in him only being able to take the form of Eeveelutions. Normally he takes the form of a Sylveon. He's naturally quite hung, but he can also influence his shape just a bit. As a porn star, he's known for being a bit of a brat both on and off screen, and when he's not feeling the femboy shtick, sometimes he can be a bit stubborn. Here he is totally undermining his soft image by morphing his usual handsome cock to be extra nasty, and daring the cameraman to sell shots of him like that.

His fans, who he affectionately calls "freaks", still prefer femboy Kai in greater numbers, but this side of him turned out to be wildly popular among other fans, so he started to show that side on occasion just to troll his employers and please fans at the same time.

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