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Thanks for Coming

Posted on

This time of year always seems to put me through tribulations one way or another, and it put me in the mood to draw something more serious and solemn... but I didn't do that. Instead I remembered that this week was Luminocorpus, the Libidotheist week of celebration, and it's a Libidotheist principle to find and latch on to whatever pleasure you can in whatever situation you're in. To have a mindset of pleasure.

So in that spirit, I decided to look at what I have instead of what I lack. And what I have is a bunch of you who have seen my work and appreciated it, and even engaged with it, and no matter who comes and goes, I'll always have friends like you out there, and I'll always have the good experiences shared with those of you who have been here before.

So thank you for being here. I work hard to share my love of big throbbing cocks with your love of big throbbing cocks, and whether or not we have anything else in common or interact at all beyond that, I'm happy to connect with you over mutual horniness. I really think it's good for all of our souls.

So I keep working on what we love. Right now, it's chill. But in time I'll be all smiles again, my favorite way to be.


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