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With some effort, Rory hoists the shiny oversized phallic shape with both hands, "No joke, this is actually thicker than my arm!"
"Yeah," smirks Alex, "That's about right for Daddy's dick. Give it a try, see how much you can fit!"
"There's no way, dude! This thing will break me!"
The curvy dragon scoffs, "Let me show you how it's done." He pulls out an identical phallus, sets it up on the floor, and effortlessly plunges his plump, round ass down the length right up to the hilt, reacting only with a small squirm of satisfaction.
"O-okay," Rory blushes, extremely aroused by the sight, "B-but you're way big compared to me. Of course it's easy for you."
"Oh yeah? Let me show you some pictures from when I was a Charmander!"

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"Slut Daddy" Alex

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Pornstar Daddy Nidoking is known around the world for taking in young men to become lifelong members of his harem (referring to them affectionately as his sluts), and shaping them into the best bottoms known to man. Alex the Charizard is one of his earlier sluts, taken in while he was still a Charmander twink. Today, any man who would top Alex would be in for the nut of his life.

These days, Daddy has a new slut in training, Rory the Scorbunny. Rory is a bit inexperienced, but Daddy will whip him into shape.

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