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"I suppose you'll need me to tutor our little friend from time to time~" Alex purrs flirtatiously to Daddy, cuddling him in bed like the adoring slut he is.
"Damn straight~ If anything you're his Daddy too~" Daddy's voice rumbles in his usual intoxicating masculine tone.
"Mmm~ Just call me Slut Daddy Charizard~"
"Has a nice ring to it~ You could always train 'im with those dildos cast from my dick~"
"Of course I'll be doing that~ I'm gonna whip your slut into shape so you can focus on those deep drills with him~ Give 'im the good stuff~"
"What if ya ride my dick while he rides his dildo?~ And then he'll eat your ass for my load?~"
"Oh, you're just gonna spoil the boy?~" he teases, smooching Daddy's cheek and whispering, "...not that I disapprove~"
"And what, I don't spoil you all?~" Daddy casually gives Alex's shiny exposed ass a pat.
"I've earned the spoilage, haven't I?~"
"I don't know about that~ Every now and then you'll have ta prove you're still in top shape after all~ So tell me slut, how are you gonna prove yourself to Daddy again?~"
"Oooh, well, you know you can do anything to your good lil slut~" Alex climbs up to straddle Daddy, smooching on the alpha male's thick pecs and firm belly as he slides down to his proper place for servicing his Daddy's imposing bulge, "If instead of spoiling me, you wanna be a rough monster man who puts a slut in his place..." he looks up at his Daddy with bright blue innocent eyes as he nibbles and nuzzles on Daddy's underwear bulge, "You won't get any objections from me~"

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"Slut Daddy" Alex

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Pornstar Daddy Nidoking is known around the world for taking in young men to become lifelong members of his harem (referring to them affectionately as his sluts), and shaping them into the best bottoms known to man. Alex the Charizard is one of his earlier sluts, taken in while he was still a Charmander twink. Today, any man who would top Alex would be in for the nut of his life.

These days, Daddy has a new slut in training, Rory the Scorbunny. Rory is a bit inexperienced, but Daddy will whip him into shape.

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