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Date with Fumikage

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Fumikage takes you to a seemingly empty field along a dirt path around a hill, and you see a surprisingly intimate hot tub setup. He strips and sinks into the hot tub, his thick cock already rock hard and poking out of the water. He invites you to make yourself more comfortable as he lets Dark Shadow free into the night... Dark Shadow can't help but bask in the darkness, demonstrating his power with intimidating displays of might and virility. I mean he literally can't help it. "Don't worry," Fumikage tells you, "he still gets excited at night, but I have him under control enough that he won't hurt anyone. Now come on, join me~" You hesitantly strip down and join him. As the night goes on and the two of you converse, you tell him that you've always been curious what he thinks about furries, and whether he considers himself to be one. "I'm dating you, aren't I?" he smiles as he leans in to make out with you. Before you know it, the two of you are making passionate love in the crisp night air with nothing but Dark Shadow's admittedly otherworldly grunts of arousal to offset the sound of your shared masculine breaths of intercourse. You might be in love.

Something about porn of Fumikage absolutely blows my mind. I have no idea what it is, but I can't stop drawing him. I might be obsessed.

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