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Kong and Koopa Mind Swap

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"Watch out, Lord Bowser and young master!" Kamek exclaimed, "That's Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong!"
"Shut up Kamek!" Junior barked disrespectfully, "We already know these dumb monkey brains. They're no match for me and dad!"
"Young master, that kind of language is unnecessary--"
"You heard the boy!" roared Bowser flippantly, "Shut up and let the king (and his little man) take care of this."
"Daaaad, I'm not little anymore!"
"L-Lord Bowser are you sure you should be encouraging--!" Kamek was interrupted by a banana peel pelting him in the face.
Kamek sneered as Diddy Kong snickered about his direct hit.
Before Kamek could retort, he was jostled by the senior ape grasping his broom and swishing it around in the air.
"AaaaAAaaaaAAAaaAAASTAHP!" Kamek flailed.
Mildly amused and satisfied by the tiny creature's response, Donkey Kong unceremoniously discarded the broom and its owner behind him, both landing roughly on the dirty ground.
"Rrrgh! I don't need to take this!..." Kamek growled snatching his broom from the ground beside him and sweeping angrily into the air to tower over the four miscreants, "...not from a couple of dumb monkeys, and certainly not from the two highnesses who APPARENTLY missed my etiquette lessons! I may be your humble servant, but I am not some helpless lackey! I'm a powerful magikoopa! And when necessary, I still have it in me to teach you two how to behave right--!" Kamek's rant was interrupted by another banana peel to the face. This time Junior fist pumped, "Yeah, 10 points!"
"That's it! You want to live like savages! I'll show you what it's like to be savages!..."

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