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Infinity meets Temba

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After the being called the genoplague first attacked Locus, leaving only a male population; after the genoplague was tamed by Fawks, the fox, causing him to become a demigod; after the secrets of homogenetic breeding were leaked to the world and undermined the Hylarkian high wizards guild's only leverage for control of the world; after the third gender called proelia was discovered and helped to bring about an explosion of population; after an old stray fragment of the genoplague's destructive being took form and bred with mortals to create a demon to wreak havoc in the world; but before Forrest the raccoon had put a stop to the demon; and before a new world order was formed to outlaw magic, spirituality, and cyber-wizardry...

Infinity, the monkey appeals to Temba the lemur for advice about a prophecy from Temba's old friend-turned-demigod, Fawks.

Both of these two come from the Shrinelands in the forests to the southwest of Hylark. The Shrinelands, when Temba was born, were originally a disguised and undiscovered village of spiritualist hermits. These hermits had the ability to control their spiritual energy, manipulating their own bodies, and in some cases the world around them with this unseen power. By becoming aware of their spirit, they could remain conscious and even manifest a physical form even after death when their spirit persists. Effectively these spiritualists would never die, but their spirits would, over the course of hundreds of years, naturally be relaxed back into their surroundings, eventually existing only as an etherial force within nature.

These spiritualists abhorred magic and magical homogenetic breeding techniques because magic was known to them to corrupt the spirit, (permanently if left unpurified for too long,) and cause it to disappear upon death. As the secret techniques of homogenetic breeding began to leak into the world, and Hylark, the capital city of the world began to lose its grip on power as a result, it began taking more and more authoritarian measures against "breeding crimes" until an anti-Hylarkian rebel delivered the finishing blow against Hylark by revealing that the city was covering up an accidental creation of theirs-- a forbidden island of exile where they sent just a handful of their breeding "accidents" who had a unique reproductive system compatible with males.

This new gender called Proelia (though they prefer to be called Mani), are generally softer both to the touch, and in their features than their male counterparts, but they still have fully functioning penises and testicles. Proelia absorb sperm through the anal walls, which is implanted in eggs similar to females. After this point, their distinctive abdominal pouches seal closed as their offspring begins to grow inside. When the child is developed enough, the pouch begins to unseal, and the baby can simply be removed, or crawl out. Proelia who have sex with males may have male or Proelii offspring. Proelia who have sex with each other will only have Proelii offspring. It is possible for a male and any number of Proelia to form a sex train, through which the sperm will be effectively combined and passed along to the end of the train, and genes of each participant can be combined into the resulting offspring.

Due to their distaste for homogenetic breeding, the Shrinelanders embraced this new gender as their sole means of reproduction, and as a result, their population exploded over the years. Infinity is a 30 year old Proelium from this period of their growth. He is an evangelist of spirituality, attempting to teach those who have been touched by magic to be purified and learn to control their spirit instead. One day he was approached by Fawks, the demigod, who warned him of a danger that would threaten the world. He was told to travel to Hylark and seek out a prisoner who would have the ability to save the world.

Temba is an 86 year old lemur. He was a crucial member of the party, along with Fawks, that subdued the genoplague. Temba had become great friends with Fawks, and visited him frequently after their adventures were over. While all of their other friends aged, Fawks with his immortality, and Temba with his spiritually induced long youth stayed quite active, (and virile. Yes they enjoyed each other's company many times.). During their original adventures together, it was necessary for Fawks to travel back in time to reunite with past incarnations of himself. In one such visit to the past, the party observed an assassination against the rex of Iskaros. Iskaros is a walled desert city, rivalrous against Hylark, though not comparable by any measure. It is a monarchy, headed by the king and the rex. Iskarosan culture dictates submissive and dominant sexual roles to be inherited by birth, so the king must assume a submissive role, and the rex must assume a dominant role. After the rex was assassinated, Temba was left behind in the past (but actually he chose to stay behind without telling anybody). He spent 15 years teaching the spirit of the rex how to control his spirit and eventually manifest himself again physically, allowing the king to finally reunite with his husband in the present. During those years of tutoring, Temba gave himself an extra pair of physically manifested arms, mainly as a demonstration, however he liked the addition and decided to keep them permanently.

Now, Infinity has arrived at Hylark, and he believes he has found the prisoner he is looking for (By the way, it's Forrest the raccoon if you've seen my picture of him before). But when he meets Temba, he takes this opportunity to ask Temba's opinion of Fawks's prophecy... Sadly Temba has little information he can add, since the prophecy seems to come from some sort of demi-god omniscience. Cosmo, the being that merged with Fawks to make him who he is now, is still quite a mystery even to those who were close to him.

Even though Temba wasn't able to offer much help, Infinity is honored to get to meet such a famous member of the party that saved the world. Temba, ever the confident old lemur, uses his spiritual energies to tease the fanboy sexually. A normal person wouldn't even be aware that anything's happening, and would become flustered that his pants were suddenly bulging for no reason, but Infinity is well aware of exactly what's going on, and is more than happy to be flirted with by his role model. The two sensually strip each other naked and get cozy on a nearby lounge. Temba tastes Infinity's impressive cock before they proceed with a morning of soft, tingly-all-over sex, enhanced by their closely intermingling spirits. Infinity tops this time. Sorry, no mpreg ;)

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