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Arido from Locus.

Long after the genoplague first attacked Locus, leaving only a male population; after the genoplague was tamed by Fawks causing him to become a demigod; after the secrets of homogenetic breeding were leaked to the world and undermined the Hylarkian high wizards' only leverage for control of the world; after the third gender called proelia were discovered and helped to bring about an explosion of population; after a stray fragment of the genoplague bred with mortals to create a demon to wreak havoc in the world; after Forrest the raccoon put a stop to the demon...

Xavier the mouse, the high wizard, supreme leader of Hylark (a role reduced to a figurehead by this point), and his long time crush, and husband, the naga on the high wizard's counsel, Astero, decide to have a child.

Xavier by nature is insatiably horny. As far as we know, this was not by design, but while homogenetic breeding allows the wizards overseeing it to control the child's genetic traits, it's not an exact science, and quirks do manifest. Xavier is obsessed with bottoming for other men, especially Astero, who, by nature is a Machiavellian control freak. He is obsessed with command and power, not for any grand scheme, but for the sake of control itself. Astero is also dangerously intelligent and manipulative... yet somehow, Xavier never seems fazed by it. Sometimes one might get the impression that Xavier is the one manipulating Astero for the great sex.

When the two decided to have a child, they each gave their input into their son's genetic traits. Xavier added traits to make their son sex obsessed like him, such as giving him external genitals, so they'd always be there to tempt him. Astero added traits like strong aspirations.

What resulted was Arido, a mouse/naga hybrid, who observed the chaos of their world's history and came up with a plan to seize total power and become a world dictator, with the intention of maintaining peace through strict authoritarianism. He couldn't use the influence of Hylark to enact his plans. By now their control of homogenetic breeding was gone and their influence in the world was fading. Plus, he would never be eligible to be a high wizard, since by law only a child purely from Xavier's lineage could be eligible (Usually bred by a committee using the genetic material-- cum-- of the current high wizard alone). So many factions had arisen in the world that it would be difficult to centralize power in his lifetime... except for one thing. Fawks himself.

All he has to do is petition Fawks to contact the divine beings from whom his demigod status comes, and ask them to destroy locus if the people step out of line and begin to bring back chaos. Fawks, the former hero is compelled to agree, because his job as a demigod is to maintain peace in the world. If the people behave, his job is fulfilled, and if they don't, he can rightfully bring down the wrath of the divine. With that threat hanging over them, the people of Locus would have no choice but to fall in line.

With Fawks on his side, Arido is well on his way to becoming the world dictator... if not for one thing: his (as he sees them) accursed genes. He developed an obsession with masturbation-- any form you may think of, especially with other men-- with the same intensity as his father Xavier's obsession with bottoming. It's all he can do to keep himself from jacking off 24/7. He's always mired in an internal struggle between his strong ambitions for the world, and his ball churning, body aching need to feel fingers wrapped lovingly around a rock hard cock-- his or anyone else's.

He loves his dads, but their choices for him can be quite frustrating sometimes... maybe he'll just sneak a quick tug in private and then he'll be back on the self-discipline train tomorrow.

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