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I wanted to make a comic about this boi, but I have to limit the number of big new projects I work on to avoid getting overwhelmed, so I'm just posting his concept art, and the plot below.

This is Frey, the monkey boy. He was born with a massive cock. Doctors say it was just a genetic quirk and not a disorder that would have come with other effects. He's just a normal boy with a massive schlong. Obviously there are no pants that fit him, so he's gone through life pantsless, and according to the law where he lives, everyone has to allow him to do so as an accommodation for what it considers a "disability". Despite this, he can still be somewhat timid, so his first day at college is especially scary for him. He sits in the back of his classes and tries to stay out of the way, but the whole class was notified of his situation ahead of time, so that they wouldn't be caught off guard. As soon as he walks in and sits down, a goat boy and fox boy sitting in front of him can't stop staring back at his huge meat hanging down to the floor. He thinks they're going to make fun of him, but after class they seem really friendly. They invite him to their dorm room and politely ask him with fascination about his big dick, and what it's like to have one so big. They ask about his sexual orientation and he explains that he never really considered it, since he knew there'd be no way for him to have sex. They tell him that there are plenty of ways to get off without penetration, then they offer to check if he's gay by worshiping his monster cock until he coats them and the bed with a thick, gooey load that requires a group shower to clean off.

The next day as he walks into the classroom, he finds his new friends just as bottomless as he is, and offering him a seat between them. Apparently thanks to his condition, other students can get away with streaking around, since a double standard wouldn't be very fair. This along with his impressive girth makes Frey into almost a legend on campus, or at the very least, a very popular monkey.

(Fun fact, Frey is named after the phallic Norse god of pleasure, so basically one of many incarnations of my god, Hiki)

Originally posted March 2019.

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