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The Monkey Jack since 2007

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In February 2007, I made my first art, which has led me to where I am now. In celebration of my first 10 years of art, here are five iterations of my fursona over the years.

My first sona was a wolf which I drew in pencil. Why a wolf? Because that's all I knew after being introduced to furries. When I finally brought it to color, I originally made it green, but quickly changed it to orange and black. When I started experimenting with using markers, I had no idea how to make black look good on paper, so I changed it to grey.

Soon I realized I could choose any species, so I tried a clydesdale. Until most recently, I got a little overboard with markings and patterns, and it was never worse than this iteration. The horse sona's back was covered with markings.

Finally I settled on a short, skinny grey monkey sona to match my Chinese zodiac birth year, and my realized favorite animal. I had trouble for years, though, not being confident in drawing monkeys. They're surprisingly complex. I had a phase where I would use iScribble a lot, when I transitioned into drawing adult art for FA. Every now and then I would forget some of the markings, like the shoulder squiggle, the purple neck fur, or the earring. Eventually that just led to those markings being phased out, because they were a little random and a little weird. I wanted to simplify.

After a short hiatus, I decided I wanted to change my fursona to be a little closer to me as I grew into being a big adult boy. I'm not short, and I'm not skinny. I'm more bearish than anything, so I figured my fursona should have adult proportions and a little more meat. I also wanted to transition towards a more lively color of fur.

Over the course of the years, I refined my art style for monkeys, ultimately moving away from the ape-like facial structure I used to use.

Also I got better after 10 years. The end :D

Originally posted March 2017.

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