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Alola Church of Libidotheism

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Come on in~ Make yourself comfortable~ Feel free to lose your clothes if you'd like~

Whenever a new branch of the church of Libidotheism opens up, the founder of the first church in Sinnoh, Mr Jules Albert (the Hypno) always goes over and stays for a while to make sure the opening runs smoothly and that the locals are made comfortable. Here he is giving a tour to a curious Mudsdale. "If the urge strikes you to join in the orgy at any time, please don't hesitate to indulge yourself. Our members will be happy to have you, and I'll be happy to resume the tour after you're satisfied~" he says in an alluring tone. Mudsdale seems interested in a particular pair of members. Marco, the Snorlax is the cousin of Sinnoh's own mob boss Don. He moved to Alola to get away from the criminal underworld run by his family, and to live his own life as a man comfortable with his life, and his sexuality. Little did he know his old hometown would become gay-city thanks to a little mishap in the secret lab under the city. But that's a story for another time. Marco here, is getting a nice dick polishing from Will Hanema who would be worshiping Marco's generous backside if he weren't instructed to "suck out a big fat load" first. Will came along with Jules, since he is one of Jules' biggest fans and one of the oldest members of the church. You'll also find scattered around the orgy room a number of other natives and foreign visitors, some of which you may recognize, enjoying the tropical atmosphere, not to mention each other's dicks and butts~

Originally posted November 2016.

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