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Kratokian Welcome

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Jagged, the pig on the floor comes from a northern city called Eiosa, known for their cherry blossoms and effeminate male escorts. Women on their planet were eradicated by a monstrous unknown force, and mankind adapted to homosexuality and reproducing through magic-assisted breeding. While most men on the planet range from average to manly, Eiosans, who previously idolized women, carried on their legacy by adopting the figure and grace of their idols. Therefore Eiosans became known for their soft touch and excellent love-making ability with dominant men. Jagged, however, happens to be one of a number of genetic "mistakes" by the world capital and center of all magical breeding, Hylark, as tends to happen with what some would call "unnatural" methods of reproduction. Jagged is one of, if not by far the single most manly men born to an Eiosan.

Varo, the horse, is popular in his home town of Hokar as the most attractive man in the city. Hokar is the home of horse men and half of the contested dual capital of Kratok which encompasses the entire eastern mountain range and the dozens of diverse cities among them. The other half of the capital is Hokar's rival city called Tor and is home to a bull population. What the capital Kratokians find most attractive in a potential mate, however, is not so much outer beauty, but raw strength, unwavering dominance, and endurance. Battle scars are regarded as beautiful in central Kratok.

Central Kratok and Eiosa don't particularly get along. Their enmity started during an ancient war between the Eiosan men, grieving over their recently lost female idols, and the Kratokians who were even more barbaric at the time. Against all odds the war was won by the Eiosans thanks to the newly formed peacekeeping clan called the Pink Brothers, a ninja-like group known for high agility and leverage-based takedown maneuvers that allow low strength individuals to be able to conquer large opponents. The Pink Brothers clan was formed by Jagged's own father, a modern day member of the clan, who was sent back in time with an unrelated group of outsiders via their own mission to try to stop the destructive unknown force from returning again (as it occasionally tried to do) and wiping out all men, as it had failed to do before.

Though after the years, Kratokians no longer remember the war in great detail, but their enmity remained since Eiosa so highly values feminine traits, in direct opposition to Kratok's value of only masculine traits.

Now, normally a Hokarian such as Varo would just snub an Eiosan he meets, refusing to interact with someone he thinks is beneath him, but seeing such a hunk who says he comes from Eiosa piques his interest. Jagged is still considered puny to the Kratokians, but the novelty of meeting the hunkiest Eiosan to walk the earth makes Varo want to rough him up, toy with him, and dominate him. Jagged himself is more of a gentle lover... but he can handle this.

Originally posted March 2016.

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