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Mogmas of Hyrule

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An old comic I barely started before I decided there would be too much setup of the story that I didn't want to work on instead of the numerous other projects I have. I also think I deleted the script, so I don't remember how much story I even wrote beyond the premise.

Basically the story as I remember it was that these three mogmas want to explore the world and have adventures, but lack the funding they need to do it. They uncover a secret chamber full of rupees, and a scantily clad, beefy male great fairy who grants them their wish, transforming the three into heroes of Hyrule... But they're just a bunch of misfits who can barely get along with each other, let alone save all of Hyrule from evil. Under the guise of buying equipment for their travels, they waste time showing off their big wallets and "hero" status to pick up guys, until something sweeps them into a big adventure.

Toley, the one with a sharp haircut is the "leader", a blindly optimistic schemer who drags the others along with his often harebrained ideas.

Sota, the sleepy looking one is always just happy to be here, and will go with the flow no matter what happens. Though he's not very motivated, and may goof off just as easily.

Grint, the one with the bowler hat is the only one who seems to calculate the risks of any given scheme of Toley's, though his input never seems to make a difference. He hates breaking the rules, and comes off as an uptight complainer.

Originally posted October 2014.

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